Pastors Past and Present:

Stanley Shantz

As noted above, Stanley Shantz served as Pastor of the former Baden and Geiger congregations and saw the formal amalgamation in 1977 and in 1979 a new building was erected at the Geiger site. On February 20th, 1983, the church had paid off the mortgage (after only 36 months) on the church property and held a mortgage burning ceremony on that date.

Will Stoltz

Will Stoltz commenced his pastorate at Wilmot in 1979. Ken Quanz reported, in his report for Church Council for 1983-84, that the Elders Committee was formed. His report stated “This committee has proven to be most timely in dealing with the spiritual matters of the church. The Elders have lifted a great burden from council while providing an essential service to the congregation. We owe a special thanks to Delton Bowman, Olive Good, Jean Shantz, and Ross Shantz for sharing their God-given gifts and time in such a dedicated fashion with the congregation.”

Will Stoltz ended his pastorate at Wilmot on September 1, 1985. Orland Gingerich served as part-time interim pastor for seven months in 1986.

Jean-Jacques Goulet

Jean-Jacques Goulet commenced his term as Pastor on September 1, 1986. In the 1987-88 church year, the congregation had the unique experience of worshipping with the French congregation from Joliette, Quebec. This consisted of a bus trip to Joliette in October, 1987 and a return visit from the Joliette congregation in May, 1988. These exchanged between the two congregations was repeated in subsequent years. A new constitution was adopted in June of 1988. Jean-Jacques Goulet resigned in the 1991-92 Church year to move to Alberta where Lucille was teaching at the University of Camrose.

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