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Geiger Mennonite Church

Located on Bleams Rd. near Wilmot Centre in Wilmot Township, Geiger Mennonite Church was the oldest Mennonite congregation in Wilmot Township. According to L. J. Burkholder it was organized sometime in the 1830s.

The first building was erected in 1844, with a subsequent building in 1876. Pastors included Abraham Honsberger, Ulrich Geiger, Amos Cressman, Osiah Cressman, Moses H. Roth, Robert Mast, Glen Horst, and Lester Bauman.

In 1966, when Lester Bauman was Pastor, the Baden congregation invited him to serve them as well. Many activities were then held jointly between Geiger and Baden. In 1971 Stanley Shantz served as pastor.The two congregations agreed to become one in all but name and membership. In late 1975, the Geiger building burned, and services were held for a time in the renovated Baden building.

Mennonite Archives of Ontario


Baden Fellowship

A frame church building was erected in the town of Baden in 1913 by Peter Moyer, a member of the Steinmann Amish Mennonite congregation. Baden was a mission post until 1945.

Beginning in 1930 a minister was supplied by the Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario (Noah Hunsberger, Newton S, Weber). In 1940 it was agreed that the Sunday-school staff should be supplied by First Mennonite Church. In 1945 Baden organized as a formal congregation of the Mennonite Conference of Ontario. James Martin was the first pastor. Subsequent pastors were Urie Bender, Elmer Grove, Arnold Cressman and David Groh.

The congregation remained small in terms of membership , but held a very large Vacation Bible School program, with up to 300 pupils a year. In 1966 Pastor David Groh left. Lester Bauman, pastor of the Geiger congregation, was invited to serve Baden as well. Many activities were then held jointly with Geiger. In 1971, Stanley Shantz served as pastor of both. The two congregations agreed to have Sunday services together, using the Geiger building because it was larger.

Mennonite Archives of Ontario

Amalgamation - To Form one Body - Wilmot

Through the merger of the Baden Mennonite and Geiger Mennonite congregations in 1966. It was first known as Baden-Geiger Mennonite.(a) In September 1977, the amalgamation was formalized and became the Wilmot Mennonite Church at the Geiger location. In 1979 a new building was erected at the Geiger site.

(a) Mennonite Encyclopedia

To see the account written by Jean Shantz in 1977 about the amalgamation along with a few photos, click here.

Pastors Past and Present:
Lester Bauman
-- 1992-2003
Glyn Jones
-- September, 2016 -
Susan Allison-Jones
Stanley Shantz
-- September 2003 - August 2005
Renee Sauder (Interim)
Will Stoltz
-- September 2005 - August 2008
Gary Horst
Jean-Jacques Goulet
-- October 2008 - 2016
David Rogalsky

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